Our Sealing Chip is manufactured to  comply with NZTA  M/6 specification.

Drury Quarry

  • SCG3 – Sealing Chip Grade 3 –  (16/14)
  • SCG4 – Sealing Chip Grade 4 –  (14/10)
  • SCG5 – Sealing Chip Grade 5 –  (10/7)
  • SCG6 – Sealing Chip Grade 6 –  (7/3)

Polished Stone Value (PSV) test results are available on request. Our two most recent  PSV tests in the last 12 months produced a result of PSV 57.

Other sizes or blends can be produced on request. Note, asphalt products are not current stock items  – contact us for further information.

Huntly Quarry

Please contact us for sealing chip enquiries and availability at Huntly Quarry. These are not regular stock items.